Picture Stories Please (Brain Friendly Resources)

Universally topical stories told through lively illustrations
Suitable for teenage/adult learners
Each story reflects the news topics, and is accompanied by activity based language follow up.
‘Interviews’ with people in the story add an extra dimension.
A model version at two levels — (Elementary and Good Intermediate) allows the material to be used with a wide range of classes. Excellent for communicative practice, vocabulary building, listening and writing. The stories (at both levels) plus the interviews are on the cassette. The reverse of each picture page provides a photocopy master of the vocabulary input and suggested language activities. Model versions at 2 levels (elementary and good intermediate) are also provided. The cassette provides a lively recording of these versions plus supplementary ‘interviews’.

The Stories are: Earthquake Jackpot Ancient Treasure U.F.O. Globetrotter Tanker Disaster Unforgettable Honeymoon Rock Group The Most Expensive Hole? Trackstar
Author: Mark Fletcher

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Picture Stories Please (Brain Friendly Resources)

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Part 1
Part 2

All in One
pass: englishtips.org

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