English Grammar in Use (3rd Edition) With Answers and CD-ROM

English Grammar in Use (3rd Edition) With Answers and CD-ROM
Author(s): Louise Hashemi & Raymond Murphy
Publisher: Cambridge University
Pages : 144
Format : PDF

To the student
English Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises is for intermediate and advanced students who want extra practice in grammar, without help from a teacher.

There are 200 exercises in this new edition. Each exercise relates to a unit or units in English Grammar in Use new edition 2004, with the unit number(s) at the top of the page. All the answers are given in the Key (pages 121-136). Some exercises ask you to use your own ideas. For these, you can check the Example answers in the Key. You can use this book if you don't have English Grammar in Use, but for an explanation of the grammar points, you need to check in English Grammar in Use.

The grammar points covered in the book are not in order of difficulty, so you can go straight to the parts where you need the most practice. Where there are several exercises on one grammar point, however, the easier ones come first. It's a good idea to do each exercise, check your answers and then go on to the next one.

Many of the exercises are in the form of emails, letters, conversations or short articles. You can use these as models for writing or speaking practice.

To the teacher
English Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises offers extra practice of most of the grammar points covered in English Grammar in Use new edition 2004. Much of the language is contextualised within dialogues, emails, letters, articles etc., encouraging students to consider meaning as well as form. The book can be used as self-study material or as a basis for further practice in class or as homework.

The book is designed for students who have already worked through the exercises in English Grammar in Use (or elsewhere) which are relevant to their needs, but who need more, or more challenging, practice. It is particularly useful for revision work.

The exercises are organised in the same order as the units of English Grammar in Use, and the numbers of the relevant English Grammar in Use units are shown at the top of each page. Within each group of exercises there is a progression from easier to more challenging, including exercises where students are encouraged to use their own ideas. The contextualised exercises can be used as models or springboards for speaking and writing practice of a freer nature.

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English Grammar in Use (3rd Edition) With Answers and CD-ROM


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