English Adventure 3 Songs & Chants CD

Anne Worrall | Pearson Education: Longman (2005)
ISBN: 0-131110365
13.6 MB MP3 (128kb/s, 44kHz) 15 min

English Adventure is fantastic new primary course for young learners of English that really motivates pupils to learn. Published by Pearson Education.

Tracks on the CD (15 min)
1 Title and credits
2 Hello Unit: Alphabet chant
3 Unit 1: Dad's got blond hair
4 Unit 2: A fridge can't fly
5 Unit 3: It's cloudy
6 Unit 4: I'm happy
7 Unit 5: Frogs and birds and fish
8 Unit 6: There's a beetle
9 Unit 7: I get up
10 Unit 8: I like surfing
11 New Year's Day song
12 End credits

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Anonymous said...

Where can I get the cds, do you know? The rapidshare link isn't working...


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