An Intermediate English Practice Book

Author: S. Pit Corder
Publisher: Longman
File size: 10.2 MB
File type: PDF

The abundant practice material given in this book is designed to help adult students, especially Cambridge First Certificate candidates, and Secondary School students of intermediate standart to consolidate their knowledge of the basic grammatical structures and usages of English. Each linguistic point is explained simply and concisely and followed by a series of exercises based upon it; and the book is divided into sections so that it may be used conveniently for diagnostic and remedial work. (from the back cover)

1. Articles and Possesives
2. Some Auxiliaries and Anomalous Verbs
3. The Passive Voice
4. Relative Clauses
5. Word Order
6. Infinitives and Gerunds
7. Tenses of the Verb
8. Conditional Sentences
9. Prepositions
10. Phrasal Verbs and Adverb Particles
11. Punctuation
12. Spelling
13. Word Building
14. Words
15. Dictation Exercises
16. Passages for Comprehension and Precis

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