Uncertain Lives: Children of Promise, Teachers of Hope

Publisher: Teachers College Press (March 2001)
ISBN-10: 0807740454
127 pages PDF 1 Mb

Have you ever read a book you wanted your friends to have already read so you could talk about it with them? This is one of those books. As teacher and teacher educator, I found in the lives of these children echoes of the lives of children and teachers I have taught. Robert Bullough's layered analysis gives entry into the worlds of these children without being titilating or depressing. His analysis articulates the issues of poverty, father absence, drug abuse that teachers deal with. In this way, he connects these stories,34 children's stories, to the larger issues confronting schools and society. More importantly I valued his respectful tone--his book communicates hope and respect for teachers, parents and most importantly these wonderful children whose lives are uncertain. His analysis helps each of us see ways we might make a difference in the uncertain lives of child in our own communities and shools. (By Stefinee Pinnegar - Amazon.com)

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Uncertain Lives: Children of Promise, Teachers of Hope

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