English Verbs and Tenses (Test It, Fix It)

Oxford University Press (2003-01)
ISBN 0194380742
88 Pages PDF 4.9 Mb

A series of books which show learners what they get wrong and how to put it right. Learners test their English, check their answers, then test themselves again. Feedback on every answer means students really learn from their mistakes. How can it be used?

  • For self-study
  • In the classroom

Key features
  • A test, answers with helpful tips, and a second test on the same topic in each four-page unit.
  • Twenty topics in each book.
  • Twenty 'Review' pages, leaving a mini reference book once all the tests have been completed.
  • Written for self-study and also suitable for use in the classroom.

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English Verbs and Tenses (Test It, Fix It)

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