Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary

The world of telecommunications has changed over the last 20 years, and has changed dramatically. The speed in which it has changed has become difficult for even the most resolute and technically astute to keep up with. Copper wires have turned to glass fibers, the volume of data traffic exceeds voice traffic, and even data is no longer restricted to the computer; it can now be video, voice, or image data.

Ray Horak, an independent consultant who has written more than 100 articles, technical white papers, case studies, and solution briefs has spent over a year putting together a very comprehensive telecommunications dictionary of more than 7,500 terms that are critical to understanding voice, data, video, and multimedia communications systems. It covers network technologies, applications, and regulations.

Because of the bluring of lines between telecommunications and computer technologies, Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary is effectively just as useful for those in the computer information systems as it is to the telecommunications industry. It contains networking terms such as DHCP, DNS, and TCP/IP. It contains security terms such as spoofing, phishing, and pharming, as well as the more traditional terms relating to telecommunications like DSL, VoIP, and SONET.

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