Pop-up.New.Oxford Dictionary of English

With the Pop-up New Oxford Dictionary of English is the absolute essential tool for anyone who wants to write well!

The Oxford Dictionary of English is a completely unique dictionary, written on modern principles. It builds on the excellence of the lexicographical traditions of scholarship and analysis of evidence as set down by the Oxford English Dictionary over a century ago. It is informed by currently available evidence and current thinking about language and cognition.

* Extensive coverage: The most authoritative and comprehensive single-volume English dictionary, the Oxford Dictionary of English contains more than 4 million words of text; 355,000 words, phrases, and definitions; over 70,000 examples; and 12,000 encyclopedic entries.
* Clearer meanings: The unique defining style gives the clearest picture of English as it is used today. Plus, the most important meanings are placed first, as used by the majority of people.
* Usage notes: This is the only dictionary that offers relevant guidance on questions of usage, both old and new. Its dramatically different approach makes it the most authoritative guide to contemporary English.
* International representation: A widespread network of consultants ensures excellent coverage of world English, from the United States and Canada to India, Australia and more.

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