New Headway (2nd) Video Beginner (2001)

Author: John Murphy
Published by: Oxford University Press
File size: 374Mb/153Mb
File type: Mpeg-1/jpg

Headway Video, Beginner is the first level of an innovative English language teaching video series. It combines light-hearted drama within six units to provide rich and varied learning material. The language syllabus is based on the New Headway English Course, Beginner course book. The video can therefore be used as an additional component to the New Headway English Course, Beginner or as supplementary material alongside other course books at beginner level.

The activity book is in full colour in jpg form and is illustrated throughout. Each unit is divided into three sections. The 'Before You Watch' section aims to prepare students for the video. The 'While You Watch' section offers a global viewing task and then exploits the video sequence by sequence. The 'After You Watch' section offers optional activities in the form of role-plays, tasks and reading texts. The activity book aims to develop listening and speaking skills. The activities draw on students' own experience and help them to gain insights into aspects of British culture. The activity book also contains a complete transcript of the video.


1. Three Plus One
2. Home Movie
3. Do It Yourself
4. Surprise, Surprise!
5. A Night to Remember
6. Close Encounters

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