English File 1 Student's Book

Author: Clive Oxenden & Paul Selingson
Published by: Oxford University Press
File size: 29.8 Mb
File type: PDF

English File is a flexible course for adults and young adults which reflects the realities of both learning and teaching. At each of the first two levels, there is a fast-track core of 60 hours' class work, with additional material which can extend the course to more than 120 hours. English File 1 is for beginners and false beginners.
English File gives students a real sense of achievement and progress. It offers clear learning objectives, an organized approach to revision and reference work, and a fully integrated home-study programme. For teachers, there are well-planned lessons that work, a realistic syllabus focusing on what can be achieved in a first level course, and a complete source of ready-to-use supplementary materials.
• Lessons which cover the grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary syllabus of the course, with in-built revision and recycling.
• Systematic pronunciation work, with a memorable and learner-friendlythtroduction to English sounds.
• Graded listening materials and tasks.
• Travel with English. Functional language, practical communication in international 'survival' contexts.
• Revision and extension. Consolidation and development of core lessons through skills work.
• Vocabulary file. Systematic vocabulary development and revision, and learning tips.
• Grammar file. Self-check grammar reference in language graded for beginner level.
• Word bank. An active picture dictionary for memorable study and reference.

Student's Site: www.oup.com/elt/englishfile
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English File 1 - Listen and Speak (1995)
(Audio-CD1, MP3&CUE, 43m45s, 33.13 MB/34.74 Mb)

(Audio-CD2, MP3&CUE, 45m33s, 35.00 MB/36.70 Mb)

English File 1 - Student's Book (1995)
(Audio-CD1, MP3&CUE, 57m42s, 54.10 MB/56.73 Mb)

(Audio-CD2, MP3&CUE, 1h11m34s, 67.95 MB/71.25 Mb)

(Audio-CD3, MP3&CUE, 1h09m29s, 66.77 MB/70.01 Mb)

(Audio-CD4, MP3&CUE, 1h05m52s, 63.95 MB/67.06 Mb)

Pass : englishtips.org

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