New Insights into Business - Student's Book & Class CDs (2006)

Author: Graham Tullis, Tonya Trappe
Published by: Longman 2006
File size: 85.87MB or 10.93MB (Book), 73.05+39.90MB or 33.97+18.80MB (Audio)
File type: PDF (color, 177 pages), MP3

With challenging reading and listening texts from a range of authentic business sources, New Insights into Business will really engage students.
___The thorough language and vocabulary syllabus together with the strong focus on business skills development gives students everything they need to function effectively in the workplace.

• Students will be motivated by real business reading and listening material from a range of authentic business sources as well as the thorough business skills sections
• You can be sure of systematic progress with the solid language and vocabulary sections, including American English business vocabulary
• Easily focus on BEC Vantage or TOEIC with two different workbooks, each one covering a particular exam

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BOOK: (PDF, 85.87 MB)
(PDF 300 dpi, Color, 177 pages, 10.93 MB)

AUDIO: (CD1&2, MP3, 192k, 73.05 + 39.90 MB)
(Class-CD1, MP3&CUE, 56m55s, 33.97 MB)
(Class-CD2, MP3&CUE, 31m05s, 18.80 MB)
AUDIO: (Recommended)
(Class-CD, MP3&CUE, 1h27m56s, 52.72 MB)

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