Disney: Zoog Genius - Math, Science, Technology

Published by: Disney
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Disney: Zoog Genius - Math, Science, Technology
PC | Win95-XP | Educational Game | DAA | 660 MB
“ Join your favorite Zoog Disney friends for a twisted educational game show that makes kids ages 9-12 the stars.
Joe, Browser, MZ, Twitch, Gatherer and Zoogina are all here for this rapid-fire game show with hundreds of multiple-choice questions. Play against the computer or a friend. There are 3 levels of difficulty to challenge the brainiest brainiacs.
Choose from cool categories like "That's So Molecular" and "Freeze Frame." Skills covered include:
Math: strategies to solve problems, properties of numbers, measurement, geometry, statistics, data analysis, functions and algebra and procedures for performing computation.
Science: basic features and processes of the Earth, composition and structure of the universe, structure and function of cells, motion and force, matter, energy and nature.
Technology: computer hardware and operating systems, nature of technological design, nature and operation of systems.
Players earn points as they answer questions correctly. The ultimate goal is to become a Zoog Genius.
Curriculum is supplied by renowned educational specialists, McREL. Kids or parents can create their own questions with the custom question tool that utilizes text to speech technology. There are also additional question packs you can download online.
Kids are crazy about Zoog and this wacky game show is a hit with the Zoog fans.
This program would also work well in a classroom. The activity is easy to get to, there is no long drawn out scenario to view. Kids can easily understand the controls and start playing quickly. The game-show format facilitates cooperative play. ”

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