100 Ways to Live to 100

Charles B. Inlander, Christine Kuehn Kelly« 100 Ways to Live to 100»
Walker & Company | ISBN 0802775578 | CHM | 128 Pages | 187 Kb

The book gives tips for improving your chances of living to be 100. For instance: know what a serving size is and measure your food until you learn to follow the recommended guidelines. That may seem pretty basic, but given the epidemic of obesity in the US, maybe we need the reminder. There are tips to prevent and manage medical conditions, develop healthy eating habits, and an explanation of the benefits of vitamins, minerals, hormones and supplements.
The book tells how to stay safe in your home, outdoors and with food and water. It recommends lifestyle changes (exercise and behavior) to improve longevity. Stress, mental wellness and the importance of social connections (spirituality, companionship) are covered.


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